R&R Records Prod Inc.

Associated with The House of R&R Records

R&R Records Associated with the The House of R&R Team is an American record company.

Founded by Rachel Stanley, aka Rae Rae, a graduate of Columbia University with a master's degree in nursing and a bachelor's degree in business administration. I have over 25 years of experience in the music industry.  I'm well established as a leader in the field of music production and concert promotions. I started as an up and coming artist. My first experience in the business,  I was interviewed on a TV Show called "All About Us" and I sang "For The Love of You" written by the Isley Brothers.

My next appearance was at the Apollo Theater (I won 2 times), then the Famous Cotton Club / Village Gate / Sweet Waters / Black National Theater / Glen Island Casino / Tavern on the Green, and I did Broadway shows. I was so amazed by the accomplishments I had achieved. I developed a strong emphasis with  Rap / R&B / Reggae Hip Hop music.  In 1990 I open my own record label/concert tour, so I could give other up and coming artists the same opportunities that were given to me.

In 2005 we remodeled the recording studio and opened another division of The House Of R&R Teams - a TV Show / Radio Broadcast Show - for the exposure that we needed and to focus on developing our artists and sifting out good musical material. In 2006 S.N.E.W. idol context was added. Once a month we go to a different state to audition for new talent; the final audition is held at The Famous Apollo Theater. Our Records company has carried the torch and amplified the R&R Records theme of excellent customer service; we often change schedules that meet or exceed our artist/staff and customers expectations. A division of R&R Records is a writing/publishing company. BMI is the company music performing Rights Organization. R&R Records Prod Inc. is on the rise and will give you "A Step Ladder To Success."